Tips For CH Users

For users with a CH HOTAS, the recommended TSHv3 Manager settings are shown below:

  • Activate Buttons on 2nd controller: UNCHECKED
  • Use Z2 instead of Z1 (Throttle)
  • Use NONE instead of R1 (Rudder)
  • TDC Axes Left/Right: X2
  • TDC Axes Up/Down: Y2
  • Antenna Axis: None

Move to the Test Controllers tab of the TSH Manager, use the USBID drop down to select different joystick IDs, and identify the ID of the Fighterstick by moving its axes. Do the same for the Pro Throttle. If the IDs are not 1 and 2, respectively, return to the Controller(s) Settings tab, check the Force USB ID in game box, and select the identified IDs of Fighterstick in the USB ID1 drop down and the Pro Throttle in the USB ID2 drop down.

A CH fileset for TSH v4, compatible with Control Manager 4.0 is available here.

Follow the steps below starting left, working your way to the right; on to the next row; to implement these filesets.

1-opencm 2-clickonmw 3-selcontrollers

4-combinecontrollers 5-cms 6-finish

7-pgmsettings 8-celectcmdfile 9-cmeditor

10-script 11-commandfile 12a-cmclayout

13-pastedscript 14-antup 15-antuppstdscrpt

16-antdn 17-antdnpstdscrpt 18-pthat1none

19-cmsb 20-trnoffrudder 21-raxis