Automating A Preflight Checklist

Keymappings in TSH v4 make it easy to automate preflight procedures if you have a programmable joystick. Previously Cougar HOTAS and CH HOTAS users could do everything described below, but it required tedious programming of mouse movements and successful completion depended on having the virtual head position in exactly the right location. By programming preflight procedures based entirely on keystrokes, the process runs faster and works 100% of the time.

Recommended Preflight Automation (requires mapping of some MDI/MPCD pushbuttons):

  1. Master Arm OFF (MASTER_ARM)
  2. Gun Rate LOW (GUN_RATE)
  3. HUD Altitude RADAR (RADAR_ALT)
  4. HSI Setup:
    1. Switch MPCD to MENU page (MPCD_PB18)
    2. Switch MPCD to HSI page (MPCD_PB2)
    3. Map ON (MPCD_PB6)
    4. SCL/40 (MPCD_PB8)
    5. SEQ waypoints (MPCD_PB15)
    6. TIME in HUD (MPCD_PB17)
    7. SENSORS in HSI (MPCD_PB20)
  5. Radar Setup:
    1. Switch RMDI to MENU page (RMDI_PB18)
    2. Switch RMDI to RDR page (RMDI_PB4)
    3. Radar SIL (RMDI_PB7 or RADAR_SILENT)
    4. Range 80 (RMDI_PB 11 or RANGE_INCREASE)
    5. NCTR ON (RMDI_PB15)
    6. MSI ON (RMDI_PB16)
  6. SA Page Setup:
    1. Switch LMDI to MENU page (LMDI_PB18)
    2. Switch LMDI to SA page (LMDI_PB13)
    3. SCL/80 (LMDI_PB8) or SCL/160 (LMDI_PB8 x2)
    4. DL3 (LMDI_PB4 x2)
  7. Flight Radar OFF (TAB 4 2)
  8. Set Bingo level (BINGO- as desired, -500 lbs. per keypress)
  9. Select Center Station for Jettison (SEL_CENTER)
  10. Jettison Select Knob to STORES (ROTATE_KNOB x3)