TSHv4 Manual

This manual documents all features and functionality of TSHv4 relative to a stock Jane's F/A-18 installation. An overview of TSH capabilities and installation instructions are presented on this page, and documentation of TSH features is provided on subsequent pages.

Gameplay Improvements:

  • TrackIR support is built in.
  • North Cape terrain detail is increased.
  • Trees are present in the North Cape theater.
  • A subset of the Jane's F-15 Iraq theater is available and does not require a Jane's F-15 CD.
  • Friendly aircraft icons are visible on the SA (situational awareness) MDI page.
  • High-resolution cockpit textures are used for the F/A-18E cockpit.
  • The cockpit can be cycled between the F/A-18E, F-14D and A-10A.
  • Bigger fonts are available for the HUD, improving legibility at higher resolutions while maintaining the size of MDI text.
  • NAVFLIR capability is present when only an ATFLIR is carried, as on the real Superhornet.
  • In-game sounds have been updated.
  • The CMDS_MODE game command now works properly.
  • The Fire Extinguisher game commands now work properly.
  • Keymappings exist for all UFC touchscreen controls, such as the scratchpad, TACAN selection, RALT adjust, AP control, etc.
  • Keymappings exist for all other cockpit controls that previously could only be clicked, e.g. RDR/BARO altitude, Jettison Select stations, Bingo settings, etc.
  • The radar antenna's lower limit is constrained (previously elevation could be decreased infinitely).
  • The joystick sensitivity can be toggled between two different settings, which is useful for less sensitive settings during refueling and/or landing and more sensitive settings during combat.
  • "DLCRT2" label in RDR MDI is corrected to read "DCLTR2"
  • A new intro movie plays when Jane's F/A-18 is started.


Mission Improvements:

  • Stock Campaign missions FAC CTDs fixed.
  • Stock Campaign briefing images updated.
  • Stock Campaign briefings edited for grammar and punctuation.
  • Missions and loadouts (with edited grammar and punctuation) are provided for the F-14.
  • The single mission list can be organized.
  • Numerous aircraft and ground objects have been added to the game for use in missions.
  • The SA-13/SA-15 small/large site inversion in the mission builder menu is corrected.
  • The fixed SA-18 SAM site is activated.
  • A mission file can be linked with a specific terrain texture.
  • User-created ground objects/plugins are supported.
  • The "damage object" action in the mission builder now works for human-controlled aircraft.
  • The list of ground objects now works correctly in the mission builder.
  • Custom movies can be inserted into user-created campaigns.


Functionality Improvements:

  • The sim can be started without the CD in the drive.
  • The contents of the Official 1.01F Patch are integrated.
  • A wide range of resolutions can be selected instead of the limited choice of the stock three.
  • Master-Mode-specific keymappings can be programmed.
  • The sim supports a second controller's analogue axes.
  • The sim supports a second controller's DirectX button inputs.
  • The sim supports a third controller’s analogue axes.
  • The sim supports analogue axis control of TDC movement, radar antenna elevation, FLIR contrast, and FLIR brightness.
  • BelowNormal/Normal/High executable operating system priority can be set, for compatibility with other applications.
  • Customizable mouse cursor hiding can be activated (the mouse cursor can be confusing when using enhanced TrackIR).
  • SHIFT+ESC must be pressed to end a multiplayer mission, regardless of the F18misc.ini entry.
  • Some movie-skipping is fixed in Windows XP (this is video card / driver dependant).


Installing TSH v4:

TSH v4, like all downloads on the TSH website, is packaged to be used with the Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). JSGME is a utility that allows mods to be installed and uninstalled from many games, as long as those mods are packaged in a file structure that mimics the structure of the installed game. JSGME creates backups of files so that mods can be uninstalled at will, and the backup feature even works when users layer mods on top of other mods.

Here is all you have to do to install TSH v4:

1. Have a clean install of Jane's F/A-18.

2. Download JSGME from the JSGME website.

3. Create a "MODS" folder in your main Jane's F-18 folder (i.e. /FA-18/MODS).

4. Download TSH v4.

5. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file, excluding the readme, to the MODS folder.

6. Run JSGME.exe from your main Jane's F/A-18 folder.

7. Select the "TSH v4" mod and press the ">" button to install it into Jane's F/A-18.