2002 Jul 17 - 3D Model of Global Hawk Finished:

Global Hawk Develpment

2002 Oct 29 - 3D Modeler Needed for Iraq Project:

We are currently seeking 3D modelers to fix the blue airport problem. There are about 30 .3dg files that need minor repair to fix the problem. Please contact us. This is urgent.

2001 Apr 07 - 3DG File Hack Nearing Completion!:

The boys have been very busy. I have received many e-mails requesting info regarding the 3dg hack and other progress at TSH. It appears we have reached the end game with the 3DG problem as evidenced by these preliminary shots of an A-10 Warthog 3d model imported successfully into F/A-18. Realise that this is just a "placeholder" If you will, to experiment with addition of new objects into the game. We have several talented guys working on detailed models of the A-10 and a cockpit for it along with the F-15E and F-14.

A-10A in Jane's F/A-18
thumb alpha-a10-ingame 01 thumb alpha-a10-ingame 02

I would think that shortly we will be fine tuning the 3D A-10 and working on textures to skin it.

Progress is being made in the terrain department also with limited success importing the desert from F-15 into F/A-18. Still some work to be done there yet.

Other objects such as ships, missiles, and aircraft will be looked at and we will see what can be done initially without biting off too much. I think once we work out some of the terrain files and some technical details concerning addition of objects then we can think about what can be released in a first package. We want it to be easy and of high quality...so be patient. There is still a good amount of work to do, especially concerning the interface in game and how that will be handled. Keep the suggestions and ideas coming! - Hornit

2004 March 05 - A Fix For WarfareFix v1 Released:

The current fix for WARFAREFIX_V1.exe is WAFAREFIX_V1_FIX4.exe, which replaces v1. WARFAREFIX_V1.exe can now be found in the TSH Expansion Files section and WAFAREFIX_V1_FIX4.exe can be found in the TSH Patch Files section.

Please let us know how things go for you with WARFAREFIX_V1.exe and WAFAREFIX_V1_FIX4.exe.

Screenshots and a video pertaining to WARFAREFIX can be found by clicking on http://tsh.war-fighters.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=507 , which takes you to our forum thread that contains the screenshots and contains a link to the video.

2001 Mar 19 - A-10 Cockpit Alpha:

Check out the new A-10 Thunderbolt cockpit in development (see screenshots to the left). Note that these are alpha screenshots and some components are place holders only (such as the flight-stick and ejection seat).

The cockpit is being developed by TSH member Gary "Greb" Waltrip.

Alpha Development Shots, New A-10A Thunderbolt Cockpit Import.

A-10 3D Mesh 1 A-10 3D Mesh 2 A-10 3D Mesh 3 A-10 3D Mesh 4
thumb alpha-a10-cockpit-mesh 01 thumb alpha-a10-cockpit-mesh 02 thumb alpha-a10-cockpit-mesh 03 thumb alpha-a10-cockpit-mesh 04