2008 Jun 11 - North Cape Gets Trees!

It's been a long time coming, but there are finally trees in JF-18. Thanks to Blitz, large areas of the North Cape world have been remade with tree coverage. A new ncape.ins file replaces the stock file, and the trees are built-in to the North Cape terrain.

In order to avoid object drop-out in missions with high object counts, objects were removed from a 40nm strip at the bottom of the map. We do not anticipate that losing these objects will be a problem since players rarely fly in this area of the map. You can see the effected area highlighted in the image below.


Full details of the North Cape Forest Mod, as well as the download, can be found here


2009 Apr 22 - TSHv4 to v4.01 Update

  • Fixes a problem with incorrect tower controller sounds.
  • Corrects the North Cape single mission list organization file.
  • Adds a new landpal (#38) that creates desert in the North Cape.

Download here

2009 AprĀ 30 - TSHv4.01 to v4.02 Update

Available as a Full Install and Cumulative Patch

  • Restores the TSH v4.00 engine sounds. (which were inadvertently changed in v4.01).
  • Corrects the carrier trap tire chirp noise (which was corrupted in v4.00 and v4.01).
  • Fixes the gray "slow" AOA indicator (making it green as intended).

Download here

2009 Apr 19 - TSHv4 Released!

TSH Website Restructure:

All of our modificationsĀ are now packaged to use the Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). JSGME is a tool that allows mods to be installed and uninstalled, even when one mod is layered on top of another. It is a wonderful tool for keeping things simple, identifying when one mod may interfere with another, and quickly reverting to a clean installation should it be necessary.

While our website looks almost exactly like it used to, all of the mod downloads, campaign / mission set downloads, single mission downloads, soundpack downloads, etc. are new. These have all been restructured for JSGME compatibility, so all you need to do is download them and drop them in your \FA-18\MODS folder. Some TSH tool downloads have not been restructured for JSGME because these tools are not installed into
the sim.

The new website structure also introduces a new philosophy: simple and quick. Gone are the multi-step download and installation procedures for certain mods. No more, are TSH users asked to jump through some hoops to get things up and running. This ease of use comes at a price: download size.

  • Instead of having the user copy movie files from Jane's F-15 so that they play in a downloaded Jane's F/A-18 campaign, now the movies are included in the campaign download to begin with.
  • Instead of packaging a small compilation of modified sounds and having the user compile them into the Jane's F/A-18 sound database, the entire compiled file is offered for download.

As broadband internet becomes ever more prevalent, we hope download sizes for our mods remain acceptable to all users.

TSH v4:

TSHv4 is mainly an "official one-click installer", although there are a few goodies thrown in. Primarily, TSHv4 is one-stop shopping for what has become the de facto standard for a fully-TSH-modded installation of Jane's F/A-18. The single download includes the following pre-existing TSH features:

  • The 1.01F patch is integrated.
  • TSH v1 High Resolution Objects Package Part 1 v1.6 is integrated.
  • TSH v1 High Resolution Objects Package Part 2 v1.42 is integrated.
  • TSH v1 High Resolution Cockpit v2.1 is integrated.
  • TSH v2.00a High Resolution Iraq-Paq and Worldswapper are integrated.
  • TSH v3.06 is integrated.
  • The beta F18vid.dll that fixes movie skipping on some systems is also included.
  • The Stock Campaign missions fixed for the FAC CTD.
  • Enhanced North Cape terrain detail.
  • North Cape trees added.
  • The GUI has been modified so that the game loading screen has a "TSHv4" logo.
  • All TSH, stock single missions and campaigns have been edited with real photographs that replaces the screenshot briefing images, and the grammar, spelling, and punctuation have been cleaned up.
  • The mission loading screen has been modified so that is says "TSHv4" and "Celebrating 10 years of Jane's F/A-18".
  • In-game sounds have been edited to provide for more realism.
  • A new intro movie has been created for TSHv4.

The new TSH v4 features are admittedly not a huge deal. However, TSH development work is continuing, and TSHv4 allows all team members and TSH mod users to quickly get and stay on the same page. TSH development can use JSGME-compatible packages during testing and then quickly
convert these to downloads suitable for public release.

The previous TSH v3 manual on the TSH website is now the TSH v4 manual. The Add-On Installation Guide has been drastically cut back as a result of the streamlined TSH v4 structure, but has been modified to reflect all relevant files. In addition to TSH v4, users may want to install lighter water colors, soundpacks, and F-14/A-10 loadout screens. The Add-On Installation Guide provides links to these "elective" add-ons.

Download here!