2005 Jun 17 - Announcing Enhanced TrackIR Support!:

Using external .DLL files, Frenchy has been in contacxt with Natural Point in developing the enhanced mode for use with TrackIR in Jane's F/A-18!

We will soon be releasing the "Ultimate Patch". This patch does two things:

  • Modifies the F18 executable so that future patches are easier to implement from a developer's standpoint (modifications can be made in C++ instead of assembly code).
  • Adds TrackIR enhanced support to JF-18.

With TrackIR enhanced support, JF-18 pilots gain the following capabilities:

  • Use the mouse for cockpit functions and control your view naturally at the same time.
  • No more centering problems prevalent in mouselook mode.
  • RECENTER_TIR key command is available for mapping in-game.

Snap views and padlocks still work as before. Look for an announcement sometime next week on the Naturalpoint website!

2005 Apr 16 - Beta Testers Needed!:

  • Patch-Stick - This patch will allow you to connect a second usb device and use the throttle (Axis Z) on the second device in the final release, axis R will have the same possibility in a future release.
  • Patch-NavFLIR - This patch will enable the NavFLIR with the ATFLIR together in one pod, just as the real thing.

All patches are completely independant just apply it on the executable F18.exe. Please report your bugs to us!

Download here

2005 Aug 04 - Beta Testers Needed For New Install Guide

We are looking for three types of people to help out:

  • Someone who is very familiar with the Jane's F/A-18 "dance".
  • Someone who is mildy familiar.
  • Someone who barely has a clue.

We would like each of these three types of people to read the new TSH installation guide, which is currently nearing completion, and give us some feedback. Please let us know if you are interested (and what your knowledge level is).

2007 Feb 08 - Beta Testers Needed For New Sounds

We need some testers for some realistic sounds that we are working. So as we don't get anyone's hopes up, it's been slow going and we've going for about a year now. So, don't expect a release next week.

Here's what we've done:

  • New internal and external engine noise.
  • G-induced heavy breathing.
  • Modified bomb explosion.
  • Bass-increased weapons release thump.
  • New missile launch sound.
  • Replacement/removal of touchdown tire screech.
  • Modified gear up/down sounds.
  • Mic clicks added to an entire voice at the end of transmissions.

The last one's obviously the biggest and it's what needs the most testing. Based in feedback on this one voice, we'll do the rest of them. If you'd be willing to help out, please let us know and we will get you specifics.