Other Mission Builder Corrections / Additions

SA-13 and SA-15 mission builder description corrections

In the stock Jane's F-18, the SA-13 and SA-15 small large site labels are inverted in the Jane's F-18 Mission Builder. TSH v4 corrects this inversion so that sites are labeled correctly. This will not effect missions created previous to the installation of TSH v3.

SA-13 / SA-15 bug fixes




Display All Ground Objects

Checking the Display all ground objects box in the Mission Builder shows hidden elements of ground objects that are not normally visible. Using the F12 keystroke to toggle on the object ID numbers can help to see these objects.

Option OFF

Option ON

Display All Ground Objects OFF

Display All Ground Objects ON

Plugin Terrain Color options

In the Iraq theater, some objects have problems with the terrain color. For example, the SA-10 and SA-11 objects always have grass-colored terrain, which looks odd in the desert world. In the stock Jane's F-18, objects use this grass coloring by default. After installing TSH v4, a transparent terrain background is the default. The grass terrain can be toggled back on by checking the Grass Terrain box in the Add Ground Object Mission Builder menu. Sometimes using the grass coloring can aid in correcting object altitude issues, and sometimes contrasting coloring can help to precisely position objects.

Grass / Transparent Object Background Selection

Grass / Transparent Object Background Selection