Unified Landpal Files

How Landpal and Tile files originally worked

Jane's F/A-18 .til files are compressed land/sea textures made in indexed 8-bit color format. This color format enables the use of a maximum of 256 predefined colors. The colors are called from Landpal.pcx, an external color pallete, when terrain is rendered within the game.

The Ncape.til file contains the North Cape textures. When the Iraq Paq was originally  released, the iraq.til file contained Iraq textures. Since the Iraq Paq does not modify the ncape.til file, a separate landpal.pcx file was needed for use in the Iraq Theater.

How Landpal and Tile files work now

TSH v4 makes use of a unified Landpal; this means that the same landpal.pcx file can be used regardless of what theater is active. The structure of the THS landpal.pcx, ncape.til, and iraq.til files have been rearranged so that the colors placed from locations 0-127 are used by the iraq.til file when the missions are flown in the Iraq theater, and the locations from 128-256 are used by the ncape.til file when missions are flown in the North Cape theater. Old modified landpal files are incompatible with the new TSH unified landpal format.

Original Ncape Landpal      Original Iraq Landpal      TSH Unified Landpal
landpal_ncape      landpal_iraq      landpal_unified