Organizing The Single Mission List

It can be hard to find specific single missions in the list if the list is long. TSH v4 allows for editing of the index.dat file that organizes these missions so that categories can be created.

In order to organize the single mission list, open the index.dat file in a text editor.  There is a unique index.dat folder in each mission folder (i.e. \FA-18\mission and \FA-18\iraqmission). Missions will be placed in the single mission list in-game in the order in which they appear in the index.dat file. Any missions not listed in this file will appear at the bottom of the list in alphabetical order. Two sample index.dat files are included with TSH v4 - one for North Cape missions and one for Iraq missions. The TSH index.dat will recognize "fake" mission files - files with a .cmf extension that really contain no data. There are a few "fake".cmf files included with TSHv4, all with a file size of 1KB. These act as headers for mission organization. To edit these headers, change the file name and the reference in the index.dat file. To add new headers, make a copy of on of the 1KB .cmf files and rename them as desired.

If you attempt to fly one of the "fake" mission files in-game, you will receive the error message "Error Loading Mission File" and you will be returned to the single mission selection screen

IMPORTANT: there MUST be a carriage return (i.e. a new line) at the bottom of each index.dat file in order for this file to function properly.

An example of TSH Single Mission Organization

Single Mission organization