NAVFLIR Capability With The ATFLIR

On the real Superhornet there is no need for a NAVFLIR; its capabilities are included in the ATFLIR. TSH v4 mimics this capability by combining the NAVFLIR and ATFLIR into a single store. This is displayed in the Custom Arming screen as NAVFLIR/ATFLIR. When carrying this store, in-game NAVFLIR MDI symbology (accessed by MENU MDI PB7) and HUD symbology (accessed by pressing the NAVFLIR_MODE keystroke [default N] or clicking on the BLK/WHT/OFF switch under the UFC), as well as ATFLIR imagery / targeting, are available.

With TSH v4, the NAVFLIR is no longer available as a selectable store in the Custom Arming screen. Default and user-created loadouts that include a NAVFLIR will still function without problems. The combined NAVFLIR/ATFLIR is included by default with TSH v4 and requires no user options.

Loading the new NAVFLIR/ATFLIR