Trees In The North Cape Theater

One of the elements missing from most flight simulations created in the late 1990s is forestation. TSH has added trees to the North Cape terrain, albeit in limited numbers. While these trees only consist of rudimentary 3D models, their addition to the North Cape theater adds a sense of immersion and realism.

North Cape Trees (shown with ToS' F-14 mod)


North Cape trees are included by default with TSH v4 and require no user options.  However, there are three things to be aware of. The first is that clumps of trees will show on the F/A-18E's ground radar. This simulates the ground clutter that can be caused by forestation.

Secondly, due to limitations in the Jane's F/A-18 3D model conversion process, the trees can sometimes exhibit an odd sheen in certain lighting conditions.

Finally, a ground object density limit exists in Jane's F/A-18. This means that if enough objects and/or plugins are added to a mission, ground objects in that mission will start dropping out. In order to balance the propensity for object dropout with the desire for trees, an area in the bottom on the North Cape map has been wiped of all objects. This roughly maintains the pre-tree object density limit. The area from which objects were removed can be seen in the image below. It was selected because very few, if any, missions use this area. If there is a mission in which a goal exists in this area, it will be impossible to destroy the goal and thus impossible to complete the mission.

Area of North Cape Deleted Objects