Alternate Joystick Sensitivity

Joystick sensitivity can be controlled in-game in Jane's F/A-18. TSH add-ons provide the capability to create alternate joystick sensitivity settings and toggle between the two sensitivities in flight. To use an alternate stick sensitivity (for example, less sensitive settings for refueling or landing), check the Activate Alternate Joystick Sensitivity box on the Controller(s) Settings tab of the TSH Manager. Then, select the Pitch, Roll, or Yaw radio button and the radio button of the band you want to adjust, and use the slider on the right to set the desired value. In the TSH Manager, the settings displayed on the left are not adjustable and represent what is set-in game, while the settings on the right are adjustable and represent the alternate sensitivity.

In-game Joystick Sensitivity Settings


TSH Alternate Joystick Sensitivity Settings


Alternate sensitivity is toggled on and off in-game using the new SW_CALB command. Alternate sensitivity settings are stored in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Jane's Combat Simulations\F18\Config\SetCalib2.