TSH v4 Realistic Sounds

TSH v4 incorporates a number of modified sounds in order to improve realism and to enhance the audio quality of Jane's F/A-18. Sound modifications are as follows:

New internal and external engine sounds based on recordings of real F/A-18 engines (note that this makes other fighter aircraft that use the same engine sound files all sound like F/A-18s).

  • Modified missile launch sound (the whoosh is more pronounced and modified to sound "outside" the cockpit).
  • Modified bomb release sound (more tactile thump).
  • G-strained breathing replaces heartbeat at high G loads.
  • Modified explosion sound (note that this makes ejecting sound strange).
  • Modified gear up and gear down noise (thumps are audible as per accounts of real F/A-18 pilot).
  • Modified carrier wake noise (reduction in annoying high-frequency content).