Master-Mode-Specific Key Mappings


When the Activate MultiKeyConfig box in the TSH Manager is checked, a different custom keyboard setup will be used for each Master Mode. When this feature is enabled, the mapping named mk0 is active in NAV mode, mk1 is active in AA mode, and mk2 is active in AG mode. In the example on the right, three different commands are mapped to the same keyboard key, viewed in the file f18keys.ini. In this example, if MultiKeyConfig is enabled and the zero key is mapped to a joystick button using joystick programming software, the same joystick button will toggle the ILS in NAV mode, fire the cannon in Air-to-Air mode, and cycle the A-G Armament program in Air-to-Ground mode. For non-programmable joysticks, MultiKeyConfig can still be used with the 16 joystick buttons (or 32 if a second controller is enabled) available for in-game programming. MultiKeyConfig can give 3-mode joystick capability in Jane's F/A-18 that would not otherwise exist in an inexpensive joystick or in an independent joystick and throttle (3-mode capability is already included in the programming software of high-end game controllers such as a Cougar HOTAS or a CH HOTAS). For users with the German version of Jane's F/A-18, Master-Mode-specific key mappings pertain to the F18keysg.ini file.

Selecting Master-Mode-specific Keymappings in the TSH Manager