1. Run VirtualDub.exe.
  2. Open the video file you saved in step 12:


  1. Click on Audio > No audio:


  1. Click on Video > Full processing mode:


  1. Click on Video > Compresion...:


  1. Select DivX MPEG-4 Codec (D 1.0.5n) and Press OK.

Note that you must pick the listed DivX codec with the divx FOURCC code; this codec is not actually a DivX codec, but is the proprietary Jane's F/A-18 video codec renamed so that VirtualDub thinks it is DivX.) If this option is not present, you need to install a DivX codec and restart VirtualDub.


  1. Click on File > Save as AVI... ; save the file with the name in.avi:


  1. Close VirtualDub
  2. Navigate to the package location and into the C folder.